Eyes to See in an Unreligious World, part one

Many years ago, I was driving home for the weekend from college. My contacts were irritating my eyes so bad, I had to pull off the interstate and park on the ramp. A police officer knocked on my window and said, "You can't park here. This is for emergency parking only." I tried to explain … Continue reading Eyes to See in an Unreligious World, part one


When I was a college freshman, I did not follow Jesus. I did however attend a private Christian University. As a commuter, I attended chapel services because everything else closed down on campus. It was in chapel that I heard the gospel presented by Dr. Tony Evans. The second most important thing I heard was … Continue reading Extraordinary

Following Jesus and Inviting Others to Come Along

Several weeks ago, I had a teachable moment. I will spare you all the details. But what I came away with was the idea that Jesus was going to make me a "Fisher of men!" Okay, so I have been in vocational ministry for 30+ years. I have "led" hundreds of people to the Lord. … Continue reading Following Jesus and Inviting Others to Come Along

Love God with All My Heart

Let me ask you a question: Is being dissatisfied a good or a bad thing? It depends right? We should be content in the circumstances of this world (see Philippians 4:11-12). Yet we should never be satisfied with our spiritual life (see Philippians 3:12-14). Several years ago, I taught a lesson: Have a Competitive Edge for Your … Continue reading Love God with All My Heart

Written on My Heart

Have you ever wondered why some people's faith just doesn't seem to make a difference in their life? We all face difficult circumstances. Everyone deals with the trials and troubles of this world. But why do some seem to walk with grace and strength and others get entangled and stuck in the midst of the storms? … Continue reading Written on My Heart

Partying Like Jesus!

One human activity that transcends every culture is the Sacrament of Celebration. In every culture sharing a meal brings the potential of ever deepening relationships. I know in the church we talk about the Sacraments of Baptism, the Lord's Supper and Marriage. But we rarely talk about Celebration. From the weekly Sabbath to the Holy … Continue reading Partying Like Jesus!