I Double Dog Dare You!

I believe the enemy has pulled one of the greatest stunts of history over on humanity. It is the sisification of the church. I know that I am not alone nor the first to recognize and write about the this issue. However, I let me define sisification: Sisification is the movement of a culture to eliminate … Continue reading I Double Dog Dare You!

Live Up (Secret to a Joy Filled Life, pt 6)

I love talking with immigrants. They love the USA. They love the freedom, opportunity and acceptance. They have come here and are working hard to become naturalized citizens. Their work ethic and patriotism warm my heart. I recently read this, "US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, 'The only title in our democracy superior to … Continue reading Live Up (Secret to a Joy Filled Life, pt 6)

Joy’s Power Source (Secret to a Joy Filled Life, pt 5)

When my kids were growing up, we raised club lambs for them to show in 4-H. It was intentional parenting. Not only did they make enough money to buy their first car, but they learned responsibility and the concept of shepherding (both important skills for leaders in training). One of the lessons, "What to do … Continue reading Joy’s Power Source (Secret to a Joy Filled Life, pt 5)

Dependent Optimism (Joy Filled Life, pt 2)

Have you ever met an eternal optimist? Sometimes their optimism makes you shake your head. It seems they don't have a clue to the reality going on around them. They have such a positive view of the big picture they miss the details of the hits, hurts and happenings of daily life. Dependent Optimism Don't … Continue reading Dependent Optimism (Joy Filled Life, pt 2)


When I was a college freshman, I did not follow Jesus. I did however attend a private Christian University. As a commuter, I attended chapel services because everything else closed down on campus. It was in chapel that I heard the gospel presented by Dr. Tony Evans. The second most important thing I heard was … Continue reading Extraordinary