Bob & Phyllis

I love my mom and dad. They are great people who are loved by so many in the community where I grew up. But I have found the rest of the world knows nothing about them. Dad retired as the Board Chairman and the CEO of one of the largest Hoosier owned banks in Indiana. Living in an apartment above his office, he started in his early twenties working at the bank during the day and cleaning it at night. Mom was making more than he did at first. But they chose for her to stay home and raise us six kids (or seven if you have heard about my brother Tat – sorry that is a family joke).

Although my parents are not perfect, there are many great qualities I can share about them. With words and their life, they taught us to love one another, take responsibility, give others credit, be humble, work hard and take pride in it, show gratitude, don’t take things too personally, be honest, respect everyone, help those who are hurting, befriend people of strong character, learn from everything, and treat others right. There are many more, but I think you get the idea. They are amazing people!

Their values have shaped who I am. Living by this simple life philosophy isn’t always easy. I am tempted to think of myself first, to make excuses, take credit, settle, blame others, be offended, adjust truth to my benefit, point out others’ faults, think I know, look past the least of these, hang out with bad company, and treat others as they deserve (or at least how I think they deserve). Well, truthfully, I have fallen to those temptations too many times. But living by my parents’ values has proven to be one full of joy and many great friendships.

I thank God for my mom and dad. The Bible says, “Honor your father and mother.” I like this command. It gives me the chance to shout their praises. I hope that my life lived shouts them too!

5 thoughts on “Bob & Phyllis

  1. Awesome Tracey, I am privileged to have gotten to know them this past five years! It has been my honor to care for them and meet their needs in these very important years of their lives! I am a better person having known them!


  2. Wonderful tribute to your parents. They raised a wonderful daughter for sure. I’d “bank” on any other children as well! A very sweet legacy. Parents as these are premium (Jim’s and Mine are too) Blessed truly blessed! Congratulations


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